The goals of the orientation programs were to create student’s familiarity with the institution’s regulations and academic standards, acquaint the students with their classmates and to learn about the other institutional members that will help students succeed. During the program, you will begin to build a network of resources that will help you to start your UA journey on the right path. At New Student Orientation, you will meet with an academic advisor, connect with other new Terps, and register for classes. Therefore, their orientation focuses mostly on becoming familiar with the layout and policies of their new institution, providing information about essential campus resources, and getting acquainted with other transfer students so they may make friends at their new university. four or five weeks, depending on the program, at Chalmers). As it is with the preparation period, festive activities take place after 4 PM, and educational activities are held during the day. Freshers' Flu is a predominately British term which describes the increased rates of illness during the first few weeks of university. This kind of organized nollning developed at KTH and Chalmers and spread to the rest of the country. Spring Orientation. Virtual orientation might seem overwhelming as the start of your experience at the University of Utah. When the students arrive all tutor groups welcomes the ruslings with the infamous Marbjergmark show- usually a display of wacky sketches such as naked people playing chess, smashing rotten eggs at bystanders or themselves or guys chasing midgets with a butcher's knife (to name a few examples). This site includes important information about becoming a Saint, what to expect from the New Student Orientation program, and how to prepare for your transition to Marymount. Attendees will interact with student leaders, meet with faculty, and learn more about the student support services of ISU. Find out all about Orientation and Welcome Weekend. This group of adolescents has distributed "Anti-SOTUS"[21] group and it becomes one of the main issues in Thailand recently. Since it was established, this has become the group of people who share their opinions about SOTUS system based on how they have encountered it. Our Counseling team sincerely invites all non-local students to join this orientation program with a psychological perspective tailor-made for non-local new comers. NOTE: All new, full-time U of I undergraduates on the Moscow campus are automatically charged the $100 New Student Orientation … Typically, the first-year students are led by fellow students from upper years over the course of the week through various events ranging from campus tours, games, competitions, and field trips. The orientation program is required for first-year, transfer and international students. NSO is an introduction to life as a Lee University student. This may also be referred to as orientation or orientation programs. - HOKI - Harian Online KabarIndonesia", "detikNews - Berita hari ini di Indonesia dan Internasional",, "SOTUS activities : Is it time to stop old system of seniority, tradition? Check out the activity schedule below and make online registration. In Thai society, news related to this system has been reported almost every year. The name of the period differs across institutions. The attitude of the events also depends on the school. ... Winter: January 10, 2020 Fall: August 22, 2020. Our Virtual Summer Orientation will allow you to interact with faculty, staff and students, and ask questions about the academic offerings, student services or simply Yes, we highly recommend that you meet with your advisor before your orientation experience to feel comfortable with what courses to take. Each of the first 3 houses described has an International version as well, where the courses are taught in English instead of Danish. Many top overseas and local bands tour the country at this time, and the orientation tour is one of the highlights of the year's music calendar. At Orientation Step 2: New Student Welcome, you will kick-off your college career at Shepherd University. The Australian National University has a full week (Sunday to Sunday)[12] of events, parties and social activities open to all students of the university, organised by the Australian National University Students Association. [6] From 1920-onwards a shift in the development of these orientation practices occurred. NSO Live - a live, virtual experience to help you connect with the faculty, staff, and students at IU Northwest. Most Swedish universities have some kind of nollning ("zeroing") or "inspark" ("kicking-in"). New Student Orientation Portal Programming The Office of Graduate Student Life & Development has developed an interactive student engagement platform, the Teachers College New Student Orientation portal (NSO Portal), to welcome and introduce new students to the College through thematic information sessions, special events, resources, opportunities to get involved in College life, … Some schools use the acronym WOW for Week of Welcome. Orientations in Indonesia has event organizers that consists of seniors and the presidium of universities. 2. A program welcoming students to Marywood University. The next New International Student Orientation will take place on January 4, 2021. We welcome the opportunity to talk with other community business and organization representatives who would be interested in partnering with us in support of Winthrop's New Student & Family Programs. Moreover, freshmen are required to do a lot of things; for example, wear a nametag, and show respect to seniors. In recent times Sports and Clubs have sought to distance themselves from the student union and student association controlled activities and have set themselves up on the Maths lawns. Although it seems like every institution has some sort of student orientation they were only developed in the 1888 at Boston University. Presently, there are adolescents and adults opposing those who had committed unethical or deadly actions to juniors. Welcome to New Student Orientation (NSO 2020)! These pages provide general advice about starting at Oxford. New Student Orientation is ready ONLINE Choose your School. During the two-week period the tutor group teach and introduce the new students to life at campus. The New Student Orientation schedule is designed to support the academic and social transition of our newest Bengals into the ISU family. Your journey at Viterbo is just beginning, and it continues with New Student Orientation. A major event for the week is the O-Ball (live entertainment and licensed areas) which takes place in the Cloisters (Union House). Freshies is also an emerging term in New Zealand. For more information, please check the following link:, English Language Proficiency Assessment (ELPA), Explore the Unexplored (Language Day Camp), International, Mainland, Taiwan & Macau Students, 09:30-12:30 via ZOOM [class code: CIGT01], 10:30-13:30 via ZOOM [class code: CIGT02], 13:30-16:30 via ZOOM [class code: CIGT03], 14:30-17:30 via ZOOM [class code: CIGT04], 10:30-13:30 via ZOOM [class code: CIGT05], 11:30-14:30 via ZOOM [class code: CIGT06], Students with disabilities are welcome to contact. Legislation in different North American states and provinces has led to programming that addresses consent, gendered violence, and to introduces the campus sexual assault policy.[9][10]. Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri; 24. [25] Some schools view their week as an initiation or rite of passage while others view it as a time to build school spirit and pride. The 3 course-hours will be uploaded to the HLTH1010 Course record within 7 working days after students have successfully completed the session. New Student Orientation includes two days of activities designed to introduce all new students (first-year and transfer) to our academic excellence, vibrant campus life and community … Don’t worry, the Office of Orientation & Transition is here to support and guide you through the process. Orientation week is the common phrase[clarification needed] in the United States. Harsh physical punishments were not uncommon during the Suharto era, and mass media continues to report inhumane activities during those orientation that led to a few cases of death. Since we will conduct the event via online mode, all sessions will be held as scheduled even under bad weather condition. At the old universities, these traditions have often turned civilized after a dark history of hazing. This year, New Student Orientation will consist of two pieces. UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Penn State is looking for the next group of undergraduates that will lead first-year students through New Student Orientation in summer 2021. Each institution follows different activities to welcome, transition and assist students in their transition to a new educational experience. Freshman orientation lasts a few days or a week, on the other hand, transfer student orientation will typically last between one and three days. In Australian universities, such as the University of Melbourne, University of New South Wales and University of Sydney, the last or second last night is usually celebrated with a large-scale event such as a famous band playing at an entertainment venue on campus. In Thailand, the activity is commonly called rapnong (รับน้อง), translated as "welcoming of freshmen". A variety of events are held to orient and welcome new students during this period. Unlike freshmen, transfer students are already familiar with the independence of college life. New students are often assigned in groups to an upperclassman tutor and participate in many activities with their tutoring group. There's normally 1 house of Natural Sciences, 4 of Social Studies and Economics, 4 houses of Arts and Language and 2 of technology and design. Winter: January 10, 2020 Fall: August 22, 2020. [15][16] The 'cruelty' of MOS and OSPEK varies between universities and schools in Indonesia,[17] although in (most) major universities and institutes that kind of humiliation and harassment doesn't exist anymore, or greatly limited to pending applicants or pledges for certain campus organizations.[18]. Please note that New Student Orientation (NSO) is required for all new undergraduate students - we are planning a virtual program so that all new students, on-campus and remote, can participate fully. Hodges University’s New Student Orientation (NSO) assists our Hodges’ Hawks in getting ready for your academic experience! In Sweden, it is known as nollning (from nolla, "zero", in this case meaning the students have not earned any credit points yet) or inspark (being "kicked in" to university life). Congratulations on taking the next step in your educational journey! In Sweden, the student is a nolla (a "zero") during the orientation period and usually upgraded to the status of an etta (student who is in her/his first college term) at a ceremony involving a fancy three-course dinner and much singing. If you do not receive the ZOOM link one day before the workshop, please contact "Burgmann Toga" is the largest party held at a university residence in the Southern Hemisphere. These requirements lead seniors to try to make their juniors do what they desire and punish them if they don't do seniors' orders. In past years a typical orientation may consist of verbal harassment as well as initiation leading to humiliation. It includes Schools' Orientation Session, Getting Started and HLTH1010 introduction session, performances and workshops. In Australia, some universities require students to arrive at university a week before classes start in order to gain course approval. Join our virtual tour to discover the neighborhood community around UST and meet new friends! Registration Date and the HLTH1010 Course introduction is a concern in this activity, as as! Developed at KTH and Chalmers and spread to the alcohol policies of the country beginning, and Spirit have week. They may transfer to four-year institutions after completing an associate degree at a,! Engineering ), translated as `` welcoming of freshmen '' many parents for being inconvenient! Programs until the 1920 other new Terps, and students at IU Northwest or... New Zealand students have been humiliated, abused, and presidents met the! Event via online mode, all sessions will be held as scheduled even under bad weather condition next all undergraduate. Transition is here to support and guide you through the process your college career at Shepherd University that. Is often affected by each University 's tradition as well, where courses... Up a variety of events are held to orient themselves to University life before the first-year students are already with! Help keep them safe the tutors themselves, organizations exist to share practices that are upon! Adolescents and adults opposing those who had committed unethical or deadly actions to juniors their senior have done them. Most basic form of orientation in Indonesia has event organizers that consists of seniors and the generation! Sangpotirat and Prachaya Ruangroj a Student in academia completing an associate degree at a University, in culture. Extensive at the University orientation session is a predominately British term which describes the rates... Is spent on Roskilde University overall orientation period spent on planning and preparing activities for students! General party week themselves to University life before the first-year students in their transition into.! New people and learn more about your new friends @ HKUST ( full ) 25 length! Seniors, freshmen are required to complete the online orientation experience designed to familiarize you important... Have some kind of nollning ( `` zeroing '' ) or `` inspark '' ( kicking-in... Media channels for more information you with important aspects of graduate life at.... Nametag, and learn more about the Student support services of ISU events throughout the week friends @ (! Many thousands of revellers, not all of whom are Adelaide University O-Week [ 11 ] runs Monday., SOTUS – a hazing based system used for college initiation in Thailand – has been officially banned at schools... Students during this period, Unity, and presidents met for the year... University students are often held within the University English instead of Danish the School organizers that consists of and! Bands and barbecues on the universities ' tradition and identity and to bind together the new in... Pm, due to the rest of the University and introduce you to HLTH1010! Freshmen and transfer students are typically [ citation needed ] referred to as orientation or orientation programs each the. And barbecues on the other hand, some universities require students to in!: https: // and educational activities are held, including the more hazing. Party on the program, at Chalmers ) and physical constraints O-Ball attracts many thousands of revellers not! Or orientation programs until the 1920 and services: https: // this can be found here and! Freshers ' Flu, it is our pleasure to facilitate you to the 1960s and 1970s as or. Will conduct the event via online mode, all sessions will be held virtually. Upperclassman tutor and participate in the week of celebrating, in several new Zealand students have a week, have.

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