You should absolutely have the freedom to explore your feelings about the salary and concerns about the future. And certainly you have to pay your bills, that's just being responsible but being passionate about what you do is so very priceless! Irvine, CA. If you plan to work in the public sector for an extended period of time, you should also know that the government offers loan forgiveness if you have been working at qualifying non-profits for 10 years. I have thought about the settings I would like to work in as well. After learning the ropes, transition into starting your own practice and lease space to other practitioners for passive income. When you say you've done extremely well I private practice, do you mean financially? And my own anxiety about money definitely adds extra panic/depression to what is still a real problem. As a mental health counselor, I get asked a lot about what types of jobs my clients should look for. No stress about money. Clinical Social Workers made a median salary of $56,200 in 2018. My previous therapist once shared with me that he made something in the ballpark of 150k per year in private practice. If you don't mind me asking, do you spend most of your time case working or counseling or is it an even split? I've discussed it with my personal therapist, but I'm not really sure how to bring it up with my professors or my supervisors without ending up a pariah. most clients who experience social anxiety want to know what jobs are good for them since they prefer not to work with others. A free inside look at Norwegian Cruise Line salary trends based on 715 salaries wages for 380 jobs at Norwegian Cruise Line. Search and apply for the latest School counselor jobs in Abroad. Many students are hired by their internship locations, and I don't know why, but just seeing that low number from a place that might actually offer to hire me at some point freaked me out. I'm sorry you're not finding the support. I have been leaning towards LCSW, but that definitely helps. Please note that all salary figures are approximations based upon third party submissions to Indeed. The starting rate is only 34,000. 10/10 would recommend. The best-paid 25 percent made $70,280 that year, while the lowest-paid 25 percent made $43,530. If I could go back in time and do something more clinical, or even switch to an LCSW program, I would, but it's not really an option right now. LPC or LSW required, LPCC or LISW preferred. In any event, I'm having trouble finding any support for these feelings of doubt regarding future income prospects in counseling vs. the satisfication of helping people. Psychology, Research Concentration). Don’t give up hope for the life you want but make it about the people in your care. So, to my question. I'm quite young (22) and am in no particular rush to go immediately back to school. I'm considering pursuing a masters in a similar program. Orthotists and Prosthetists made a median salary of $69,120 in 2018. I'm a second year student in an M.S. I also kind of see income as a reflection of the value that society assigns to you as a professional: I would like my salary to be a reflection of the expertise I've worked hard to achieve. I'm quite young (22) and am in no particular rush to go immediately back to school. AAH, an iNGO operating in Lebanon since 2006, looking for an LPC- Emergency response field officer based in Aarsal AAH offers a competitive salary package, a respectful & motivating working environment, training & promotion opportunities. Average. Or that nerves about such low salaries is somehow shameful or means we're not in it for the "right reasons"? Do you have an area of focus, accept insurance? Not 6 figures or 80 a year, but depending on where you live, if it's by appointment, salary, or no insurance out of pocket payment, will vary it as well. They will deny it, but they're not. I'm from the northeastern united states and would like to stay in this area. I am in my 20's, have a young daughter (new dad!) Think about why you want to spend your career in agencies when private practice would double (or more) your income and you'd make more than some with doctorates. Top 50 Highest Paying States for Mental Health Counselor Jobs in the U.S. We’ve identified four states where the typical salary for a Mental Health Counselor job is above the national average. r/psychotherapy: This is a place where mental health professionals and students in a therapy program can share and discuss topics related to … I already have been reaching out for teaching opportunities, and have started networking in the local areas. 1: Psychiatrist $177,520 All crisis work goes to social workers. For what it's worth, IMHO case managers get a bad rap and are underpaid for what they do. As of Sep 27, 2020, the average annual pay for the LCPC jobs category in Chicago, IL is $73,209 a year. I hope some day this will be better recognized. The average salary for "lpc" ranges from approximately $44,270 per year for Mental Health Technician to $97,646 per year for Clinical Director. You trained in research and will likely enter a program and field that scoff at research in leiu of policy training. The main thing I am always trying to process is, can I support my family and still do what I’m passionate about? I also don't want to rely on a partner for paying the bills, so it's definitely a concern, both for the ego and the practical problems that come from not earning enough money. I'm sure programs vary but this was my experience. Best Cities for Jobs 2020 NEW! I can afford a small studio (or could have had a larger place if I had roommates), can eat out regularly, and make monthly flights to see a long-distance partner. But at some point we knew she would stop working and that left us in a few dilemmas. I'd 100% recommend an MSW in your situation--it will offer the most flexibility for working in the settings and with the populations you're drawn to. It's just hard to see everyone else I know with my age and education making 2-3x as much as I am--it's embarrassing. This estimate is based upon 10 Magellan Health MFLC salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods. Salary sucks. I was in an LPC program. I recently got a job as a case manager for a young adults program (18-24). I come from a family of doctors, and for a time they would point out small houses along the road and say "look, that's your future house"!