Other ways to keep heating costs … Buy responsibly-produced fashion from retailers such as H&M, People Tree and ASOS Africa. Insulation requires a small investment on your part, but you’ll soon recover those costs over time. Every home is different and there’s usually a great deal that a homeowner can do to improve the green credentials of their property. You don’t have to convert to solar energy or grow all of your own food – MSN offers some great, easy tips on going green and making a big difference! Step 3: Switch to renewables. One of my favourite items to bulk-buy are tomatoes. 13. Try Regulating Your Body Temp with Clothes Rather Than Your HVAC. Minimalism encourages us to live within our means in an uncluttered and simple manner, making conscious decisions regarding each purchase we make and decision we take. What’s not to like? The only energy expended is yours. Another way to support farmers is to buy ‘wonky’ veg, which is usually only slightly malformed fruit and veg, at a lower price. Houseplants help filter the air and remove toxins. Make your home more green with these tips Save This living wall and green roof were planted by ANS Credit: ... Buying a home close to a London park … via Redfin. You might not believe the efforts of one person can help reduce environmental pollution, but what if every reader of this feature made five changes to their lifestyle? The combined impact we can make together is as important as those made on a governmental scale, and all it takes is these 15 easy switches. Sounds simple, but this seemingly unassuming swap could end up saving you a lot of money, and a lot of energy. Let’s look at some ways to make your home more sustainable by going green. Changing your energy supplier to one that’s 100% renewable is a great eco-friendly tip for any home. The average household will throw away a third of its food shop every week. What Are The Essentials When Preparing For A New Baby? 6. Why not take your own food to work instead? Eventually, you’ll be able to pick up a bargain or two when you become a regular customer, even more so if you buy in bulk. Not solar panels on a house (although that would be quite a great addition if you have the resources and the house on which to erect them), I’m talking about using solar energy to charge your phone, smart watch and tech equipment. Green in 15: 15 top tips to help you live a greener lifestyle 1. I am a great lover of a long soak in a bathtub full of aromatic oils and bath salts; even better when I’ve made them myself using organic and natural ingredients, without the need to resort to plastic packaging. [1] 5. 5 Tips To Make Your Home More Green Of all the energy consumed in the United States every year, 40 percent is consumed by homes and businesses and most of that is from fossil fuels. Tips on how to make your Home a Green Home Adding a variety of plants to your home will improve the indoor air quality. Transforming to a paperless lifestyle entails being pretty computer savvy. Add Plants to your Home. That’s 5-10 plastic containers that will require replacing in a month’s time. Use short cycles for washing clothes: Modern washing machines have an … Besides the damage to... 2. Do you know how to live in a “greener” house?There are many things you can do to make your house more environment friendly and sustainable. Switch to shade-grown coffee with the “Fair Trade” label. Just ask your providers to opt you into paperless, and away you go – saving lots of trees and transport costs along the way. A scary fact. One of the best ways to do this is to speak to sustainability consultants, who will be able to provide you with analysis and ideas for how best to make changes to your home. You get a better price and can freeze, refrigerate, juice and sauce to your heart’s content. There’s no doubt about it, we have become a throw-away society. 10 easy ways to make your home green - Please browse through our blog section for more information on Real Estate News. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! To make your shopping easy, look for a purifier labeled as a "true" HEPA, which can remove more of the smallest particles faster -- or 99.97% of … Love to be warm and toasty during the winter and nice and cool during the summer? After all, half of your energy bill goes toward heating and cooling your home [source: Archer ]. One of the simplest ways to green your home, save energy and cut utility bills is to install programmable thermostats. These farmers might also use a more sustainable and smaller-scale method of farming, which helps conserve natural wildlife and soil preservation. From a simple re-upholster of a cushion to sanding down and painting old wooden tables, chests and stools, a bit of DIY here and there creates some interesting and alternative styles that you can’t find on the high street. Minimalism is an emerging movement among the environmentally-conscious global community. You can make your home a healthier, safer, and greener place by making just a few simple changes for an environment-friendly lifestyle. Switch Your Lightbulbs. In fact, it can even save you money. Forking out half your year's salary for a Prius isn't the only way to make your life more eco-friendly. If you consider how many bottles, tubes and tubs you use every day during your morning routine, I bet that the number is around 5-10. Toxic chemicals sprayed on genetically engineered cotton; harmful polluting dyes and chemical run-off from factories in our waterways and oceans; and thousands of people trapped in the middle of a tiny profit margin battle between consumers and producers. Her fields of expertise and interest include vegan nutrition, holistic healthcare, mindfulness and fitness. Set your refrigerator to 37 degrees, and keep your thermostat at about 68 degrees during the day. Saving water around the home is another way to reduce the environmental impact of your lifestyle and, as with reducing energy usage, can save you plenty of money. Your efforts to going green will be undermined if your other family members don’t strive to do the same. Recycle. The Green Deal helps you make energy-saving improvements to your home and to find the best way to pay for them. The average household will throw away a third of its food shop every week. Use more rags, fewer paper towels. Going green doesn’t only benefit the environment – your family and your wallet benefit as well! Having a green home does not mean you have to cover your roof in solar panels or install a whirling wind turbine in your backyard. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Basic models allow you to create a temperature schedule. Make sure that the tech you have got is as energy-efficient as possible.